National Reading Day

The inaugural National Reading Day – which took place on 30 July 2016, attracted over 75,000 participants. This year's National Reading Day on 29 July 2017 focused on reading together through community and partner centric reading events.

Event highlights include Read for Books, a special book charity drive and Big Book Giveaway, in the heartlands.

The Big Book Giveaway (BBG) was held in celebration of National Reading Day on 29 July 2017 from 12pm – 6pm. Members of the public were given either 5 minutes to select 3 books of their choice or received a tote bag containing 3 mystery titles. This year's Big Book Giveaway is heartlands themed and was held in the populous estates of Tampines and Jurong. Queues for the event formed as early 11am and the event was very well received. There was some positive feedback received from members of the public who thought that BBG is a "very good initiative to encourage the nation to read together".