5 Tips for Lifelong Reading


The benefits of reading are numerous. Books can entertain, expand your world view, or make you an expert in just about anything. But most of all, if you love to read, they will be a lifelong source of enjoyment and education.

Here are some tips to help you start and sustain a reading habit.

  1. Start small. Go with something short and simple that you can complete easily. Or try focused reading for 5 minutes a day.
  2. Decide what to read. This might sound obvious – but read something you're actually interested in. Choose a topic, author or genre that appeals to you. If you're finding what you're reading a chore or struggle, move on to something you really like and can stick with. Don't feel obliged to read what 'everyone' is reading.
  3. Explore further. Once you've found a book you like, think about whether it's the author's writing you like or the genre itself. Then check out other books by that author or in that genre or topic. When you've had your fill of books in that area, broaden your reading interests by exploring other authors or genres! The libraries' book displays are a great place to make new discoveries. Also check out the recommended reads for adults on this website.
  4. Make it convenient. Carry a book around with you – it will come in handy when you're waiting for someone or commuting. Or read an eBook on your device. Pop into a library (free books!) or bookstore near you to browse books if you're between appointments.
  5. Make it social. Finding like-minded people who share your reading interest. Join a book club or attend an author talk on a topic or genre you're interested in. Book clubs are an great way to be introduced to books you might never have read on your own. Here is a list of book clubs you will find at the library.